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2nd Annual Foundations of Community Series

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French Colonial Foundations of Pointe Coupée: 1738 - 1769

Creole West Productions together with co-sponsors Le Cercle Historique and Les Creoles de Pointe Coupéebring together a group of authorities of colonial Pointe Coupée for the 2nd annual Foundations of Community Series forum. Open to professionals and community alike, the forum will offer a congenial conversation of history with academic integrity.

Saturday October 6th 2007  |   9am - 4 pm | Julien Poydras Center  500 W. Main Street |  New Roads, LA

The foundations of community for Pointe Coupée et environs is a result of the confluence of peoples, their cultures and traditions along the banks of the meandering Mississippi in the late 17th century.  Each year eminent experts in history, culture, anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, architecture, language, religion and traditions will gather for a conversation of history enhanced by exhibits on selected topics of the various facets of the foundations of the community, and its contribution to the history and culture of Louisiana and the United States.

Profoundly stated by renown historian Winston DeVille in 1978: “The importance of Pointe Coupée is not only its initial impact on the early settlement of Louisiana during the formative years, but its prominence later in the 18th century as a carrefour for traffic and commerce . . . the study of Pointe Coupée history is essential to a thorough understanding of a very large portion of the entire state.”.  Twenty eight years later, the historical narration of Pointe Coupée remains relatively unknown.

Join us for engaging presentations, generous audience interaction, lunch, exhibits, and a comprehensive printed program. In addition, special recognition will be extended to extraordinary friends and family of Pointe Coupée history .

Our first forum brought over 150 participants from the community, throughout Louisiana, as well as California, Texas, Mexico, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey! We look forward to returning participants and many new ones.

Make a weekend of it and enjoy all the parish has to offer.  Visit the PC Tourism site for details or to request a copy of the Visitor's Guide. 

Accessibility:  The Julien Poydras Center is accessible to all, including restroom facilities.  For a level entrance, please use the side entrance (across from St. Mary's Church).  For any questions or other needs, please Contact Us.

The sessions will be presented by a unique panel of experts who are also descendants of the early founding families together with special guest speakers. The presenters and panelists will bring the story alive through cartographic depictions, meticulous research from the original civil and court Superior Council and church records, censuses, official correspondence of the colonial officials, and encyclopedic knowledge of the people, as well as conversations in the Creole dialect with native speakers.



9:00 am       Registration

9: 30 am      Opening Ceremony & Introductions followed by  conversations of history by experts Brian J. Costello, George DeCoux, Randy DeCuir, Julie Eshelman-Lee, Glenn C. Morgan & Paul Roy on the early church, built environment, people and economy. The dialogue will be enhanced by special guests with expertise on the early people, families, built environment and archaeological discoveries.

12:30 pm     Creole Lunch

1:45 pm       Special Recognition extended to Glenn C. Morgan & Ronald A. Saizon

for their generous efforts in leadership in the community and preserving our heritage  PHTML/3.0:resource (80)

2:00 pm       Dr. Thomas Klingler, Tulane University will present an overview of Pointe Coupée's Creole Dialect Foundations followed by sharing of Creole traditions and translated Creole conversations between native speakers  Brian J. Costello, Christophe Landry & members of Les Creoles de Pointe Coupée together with other native speakers from the community. Experience this remarkable opportunity of this gathering of native speakers and learn Creole phrases and greetings!

3:45 pm  Epilogue:  Pointe Coupée's Oath of Allegiance to Spain

We invite professionals and community alike to join us for an engaging conversation of history on the French Colonial Foundations of Pointe Coupée et Environs series. All are welcome with no admittance fee. Donations appreciated in advance or at the door.  RESERVATIONS assure seating and refreshments.


See Foundations of Community Forum Series for complete details and our SPECIAL INVITATION for parish Louisiana history teachers and their students!