Pointe Coupee Poste - Glenn

1771 Original Document


This first extant (existing) colonial document dates back to 1771 regarding the public sale of possessions from the estate of the deceased Mrs. Chagneau, translated as:


Conveyance record Number 386 of year 1771

“In the year 1771, the 3rd day of January, at the request of Guillaume Marre, inhabitant of this poste, widower of Marie Jeanne Chagneau, she having been widower of Pierre Marionneaux, we, Jean Francois Allain, commandant and judge of the poste of Pointe Coupee, assisted by Jean Baptiste Missioniere, we went to the home of said deceased Demoiselle Chagneau and proceeded to the public sale to the highest bidder of diverse effects, animals and slaves having belonged to the deceased Demoiselle Chagneau, and beginning in the house, proceeded to the said sale as follows….”