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Professor Plantvigne

Petrus Laforest Albert Plantevigne, also known as L.A. Planving, was born in 1869 on the Lower Chenal in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.  He was a graduate of Straight University in New Orleans, a member of the American Missionary Association, and an ordained minister of the Congregationalist Church.  In 1898, he purchased a lot on the bank of False River and in 1900 established thereupon the Pointe Coupee Industrial and High School, Louisiana’s first-known rural high school for African-Americans.  Attendance had grown to more than 200 pupils in 1903 when Plantevigne was ambushed and killed by persons who were neither identified nor apprehended by authorities.  He was buried next to the school he had lovingly and courageously founded.  The school, used as a residence in later years, was dismantled in the 20th century.  Zion Travelers Baptist Church stands on the site today. (Source: History of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana. Costello 2010) 

The Pointe Coupee Historical Society dedicated a marker in 2013 at Professor Plantevigne’s grave to honor the memory of a dedicated local education pioneer and to carry Professor Plantevigne’s mission to improve educational opportunities for Pointe Coupée children and young people into the 21st century.