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Museums and Art Centers

Museums and Art Centers

Pointe Coupée Museum and Tourist Center

Along the lower end of False River is an early structure estimated to have been built in the early 1800s. This building, a surviving example of two of the earliest types of construction used in Louisiana architecture, houses the Pointe Coupée Museum and Tourist Center.

The original dwelling was two rooms wide by one room deep, built around a common chimney with fireplace in each room with a front gallery. The wall construction, its most important architectural feature, can be seen exposed in the building today. The construction includes three half-inch by 10-inch hand-sawed timbers, stacked edgeway, dovetailed at the four corners, and further secured with large wooden pegs fastening, vertically, one timber to another. Spaced between the dovetailed timbered walls were filled with a mixture of mud and moss known as bousillage for weatherproofing.

This building was generously donated by a community member to the Police Jury for the people of Pointe Coupée Parish to be used as a museum.

Featured today is a wonderful exhibit of Creole structures in Pointe Coupee - past and present - with detailed drawings from the Historical Architectural Building Survey (HABS).

Visit the museum often to experience the historical journey of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana!

Julien Poydras Museum and Cultural Arts Center

Did You Know that the current Poydras Museum and Cultural Arts Center was once the Poydras High School?

This building was chosen as the third in a series of limited edition miniature ceramic historic buildings by the New Roads Main Street organization.