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Creole Conversations Session

Creole Conversations -  Vyen Charrer en Kréyol

With the loss of language a culture loses its common bond and unique foundation. The Creole dialect of Pointe Coupée became the common language for a trinity of peoples--colonists, native people & Africans, and, their descendants.

San langaj, la kiltir pèrd so koésyon, so fondasyon. Lang kréyol la Pointe-Coupée devyen langaj commun pou tou le moun – kolon, z’indyen, afrikain et descendan yé.

The panel for Creole Conversations is replete with native speakers who have learned from their elders and have a passion to keep the language alive - complimenting Dr. Thomas Klingler's linguistic expertise and his extensive field study in the parish.  They come together to share with you a remarkable legacy of the Pointe Coupée Creole culture.

Panèl pou Vyen Charrer en Kréyol va gain di moun lokal ki apprònn ça di vyé moun et ki gain ann passyon pou prézerver langaj yé z’ancèt, un komplimen travay Dr. Thomas Klingler, expèr su langaj kréyol la Pointe-Coupée. Yé vini tous ensemb pou prézenter à vous-zòt un éritaj remarkab la kiltir kréyol la Pointe-Coupée.

In addition to information and background, the panel will conduct conversations en Creole, translated in English, and teach the audience greetings and phrases. The words of your Louisiana Creole elders will ring fondly again in your ears!

Yé va gain informasyon, mais moun va gain l’opportunité pou charrer en Kréyol, épi n’a tradwi ça en angle et montrer à le moun konmen dir salutasyon et expressyons en Kréyol. Ça zòt tapé entònn zòt vyé paren di, ça va senmbler byen familyé.

Suggested reading and resources before the Oct 6th event:

Costello. Cést ça yé dit ("That's what they say") (Author, 2004)

Costello. Creole Pointe Coupée: A Sociological Analysis (Author, 2002)

Klingler. If I Could Turn My Tongue Like That: The Creole Language of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana (LSU Press, 2003)

Valdman, Klingler, Marshall, Rottett. Dictionary of Louisiana Creole. (Indiana University Press, 1998) 

 Les Creoles de Pointe Coupée committed to the preservation of our distinctive language, culture and history.

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