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Virtual Gallery

Virtual Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words! And, to fully describe Pointe Coupée's unique place, people and culture, it would take many thousands of words. We can do it simply in pictures. In this gallery, you will find a growing collection of images of Pointe Coupée's place, people and culture.

the sunrises and sunsets over Pointe Coupée's beautiful landscape and waterways are remarkable. Each time of year offers a different experience. This is one of those remarkable sunsets over a large sugar cane field.

within the backdrop of an azure evening sky stands the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel

the great river Mississippi meanders around the western perimeter of the parish

Fausee Riviere, an oxbow lake, is the parish centerpiece

Bayou Chenal, on the southern end of False River, is a place of serenity and tranquility where nature's orchestra can still be heard

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