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Virtual Classroom Test Drive

Virtual Classroom - Test Drive


Take a tour and TEST DRIVE the site. Your mouse is the tool that will get you around the site. Use your mouse to point to special areas of the site. Take a moment to click a few links and see where they take you.

After you have clicked a link, you will notice the color changes . This is to let you know that you have been in that area.

A few hints to help you navigate around the website:

  • To get Back to where you were, use your mouse and point to the BACK button at the top of your computer screen (the one that has the arrow pointing to the left in a circle)
  • To go Forward, use your mouse and point to the front arrow key at the top of your computer screen
  • For Help, use your mouse and point to the HELP link.
  • To hear an audio portion of the site, click the icon
  • For all questions, e-mail your Virtual Teacher's Aide



Now it is time to sign in. Your Login allows you to use special areas of the website. Each of you will sign in, entering your own username and password. Please read the instructions below first, and then follow the steps to proceed.

  1. Go to Login, at the upper right hand corner of this screen.
  2. Click Login, and you will find a place to setup your username and password.
  3. Choose a username and password that will be easy for you to remember and enter in the blanks. You will need to remember these because you will need to Login to use certain areas of your virtual classroom.
  4. When finished, please return to your Virtual Classroom Test Drive by clicking the Back arrow in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen window.


An exciting feature of the site is how it allows you to interact and make comments. After you have logged-in, you can comment in any of the forums on the site.


You are now ready to see more of what is behind these pages for learning about Pointe Coupée Parish History.

It is easy to use the e-History. It is just like a book, only on a website. You use your mouse as your tool while you read your virtual book.

  • You use it to click from page to page, forward or backward.
  • You use your mouse to click the audio icon to hear the words spoken in English, French, Spanish and Creole.
  • You use your mouse to click an icon that leads you to a copy of an old document.
  • You use it to give you the definition of the word marked with a dotted underline. To see the definition, simply place your pointer over the word and a box appears with the meaning of the word.
  • You use your mouse to give you the detail of a footnote in the text. Again, place your pointer over the number and a box will appear that gives you the detail of where the author found this information.
  • You use your mouse to connect to sections listed in the Table of Contents

The e-History covers the Louisiana Purchase and time period from 1803-1815. It is this historic era when Louisianans became Americans. We look back at the process of becoming part of a democracy. This became the foundation of government for Louisianans for years to come. To take a tour of the e-History, go to PART I: Louisiana Purchase: A Dramatic Change for Pointe Coupéeans 1803-1815


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