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Challenge the Historian

Challenge The Historian

This is where compiling history for Pointe Coupee Parish becomes fun! Unlike most books and websites, there isn't the chance to challenge the author or historian, unless you contact them personally and discuss it. With Pointe Coupee Parish History, we want you to challenge the historian with your own discoveries as historical detectives. We want you to correct incorrect information, and contribute new information. You will make discoveries in your projects and activities, and will have information you already know.

Writing good history starts with backing up the information. This gives a good foundation for others to continue to research, analyze, discover and add new facts. To do this you must document your information. To document means to tell where you found the information, the source, record location and number, author, and page numbers. For examples of how to document, go to the e-History and read carefully the footnote details.

You can challenge the historians for Pointe Coupee Parish History by adding your documented findings in the Comments pages anywhere on this website. You can contact your Virtual Teacher's Aide with your information or for help with a new fact. If your information is proven to be correct, after checking your documentation and analyzing your conclusion, it will be added to information on this website.

To begin . . . since The Louisiana Purchase: A Dramatic Change For Pointe Coupeeans 1803-1815 went to print, the author noticed an error in the first chapter POINTE COUPEE TODAY. Begin here to see if you can find the error. Read your books and e-History very carefully for any other errors.

Together, we will bring Pointe Coupee history alive like never before!