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Community Forum

This is the place for all generations to discuss the families of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana and make connections with the international community of descendants.

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Martin/Haynes FamiliesNew Topic
Martin/Haynes Families are from New Roads, La. I am a descent of these two clans. Currently I am utilizing Ancestry.com to construct our family tree, however the information is very limited. If you or anyone you may have information, are knows of an exsisting relatives/friends, please contact me at dee771@gmail.com 510.926.2336 My great grandfather wasRosalie Martin born in 1873, his wife was Sarah Martin born 1874. On the Haynes side my grandfather was Alfred Hayneshe married Mary Martin in New Roads, La.

No name given on 01/23/11 06:39 pm UTC
Tinsley/Lyons/Turnbull families
Doing research on the Tinsley/Lyons/Turnbull surnames. Mary Tinsley, wife of Washington Tinsley had the following children:Adline born 1863, Robert born 1866, Sarah born 1867, Claiborne born 1870, Martha born 1871, How???? born 1873, Emma born1882 and Ally born 1884 (their birth years vary according to what paper you are looking at). Do not know Mary Tinsley'smaiden name but she was married first to Benjamin Long in East Baton Rouge Parish, Benjamin and Mary had two daughters,Susannah Long born 1846 and Martha V. Long born 1848(from the 1850 and 1860 census).Mary and Washington Tinsley lived in Pointe Coupee Parish, but it appears that after Washington died (after 1885) Mary moved to East Baton Rouge Parish where she died 20 May 1922. Anyone having information of these names, I would love to talk with you and exchange information. Leonard Spillman 4Gerald Court Severn, Md. 21144 410-969-1455 ljspillman@aol.com

No name given on 11/04/10 11:36 pm UTC
New Topic
Looking for information on Frank Duperon sr. who was born in Pointe Coupee Parish also Estelle Ventress and the name St armont is very important also....email.....gduperon@aol.com with any info.

No name given on 09/22/10 06:36 am UTC
RE: New Topic
You mentioned that St. Armont is important. My family from Pointe Coupee is St. Amant. Could that be the spelling? If so. Let me know.

No name given on 04/04/11 01:54 am UTC
New Topic
I'm looking for any information on the Merritt family, said to have owned a sheep and goat ranch in Lolly(?) Louisiana. Specifically interested in parents of Linwood Lee Merritt, who was born in Pointe Coupee Parish; he married Ella Bradford around 1915 and died after having two children; the first is my grandmother Lynna Louise Merritt.

No name given on 07/26/10 02:37 pm UTC
New Topic
Looking for information on Frank Benard Porche, He is burried in Yoakum, Tx. He was born in 1887 but I don't know where. His daughter (my grandmother) had her ancestors written down on a piece of paper which was passed to me when she died.Most of the relatives that were given lived in Pointe Coupee. The only thing is I do not know his father so I can put the pieces together from him to his ancestors. There was a gap which would have been known by her but she had althimers for 6-7 yrs before she died so there was no information that way. If anyone has info it would be greatly appreciated.Kevin Foster foster400@aol.com

No name given on 08/23/09 09:38 pm MDT
I am looking for people that have information on the Bonnaventure family of Point Pleasant and the Pernet family of Pointe Coupee. Jean Baptiste Pernet m. Marie Henrietta Bonnaventure 1790 and he owned Bon Air plantation on Bayou De Siard in Ponte Coupee. My family records were badly damaged during Katrina and I would greatly appreciate any help to fill in the sadly forgotten gaps.Thankyou emilymanger@yahoo.com

No name given on 11/03/06 09:30 pm MST
Welcome to the Community Forum
Welcome to the Community Forum for Pointe Coup

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