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Legajo 95

24 May 1802: Morales to Duparc.

It does not concern the bosses... [illegible] ...good Vasallo to inquire nor...the causes that can assist the Sovereign for its determinations, his obligation is to obey and fulfill that which he commands, and that which is prescribed in the laws of the Kingdom, unless doing so would result in visible harm: in which case the bosses may suspend the fulfillment while the King resolves what my be to his royal liking.

Having set down this principle, and also established that the point of introduction of Negroes, as a mercantile business, touches exclusively and peculiarly on the faculties of this Intendancy, it is my obligation not only to obey, and fulfill, and make others obey and fulfill what has been determined by His Majesty in the Royal Order of 27 November 1800 concerning the presence of the petitions of various members of this province requesting that that introduction of negroes be permitted, it was useful to negate it until the French citizens Casague, Huguet, Raymond, and company had [several lines partly illegible]... thousand that he had conce-... commanded in the Law 18.10.26...compilation of these Kingdoms that pro-... absolutely the admission of shrewd slaves.

There are so many more reasons to carry out both things, both for the concession of the grace accorded to the aforementioned French citizens, the King could have had political reasons of much importance that would be satisfied with the compromise of his Royal authority if the Intendancy does not take care to guard itself, untamed negroes should not be introduced; and for the refusal of the shrewd ones there does exist an antecedent in the recent attempted revolution in Virginia and Carolina by this type of people; so there should be no doubt that the American government and the owners of the slaves desire to rid themselves at the cost of any sacrifice.

So what can be done in the post of this province if the bosses, in closing their eyes about an affair of such great importance, should introduce into it such a dangerous seed? The example of disgrace in the In-...the behavior of what was attempted... of the north that was not carried out due to the accident/chance of...should... sensible, but also to the... of an imaginary prosperity... that which provided some arms that were very harmful to public tranquility, of the reason and justice with which the Intendancy found itself obliged to guard the fact that the wise law that prohibits the introduction of shrewd slaves not be broken.

To secure it, and also so that untamed negroes do not enter as long as the disadvantage of the cited Royal order of 27 November 1800 persists, no other providence is necessary besides those declared by Mr. Don Ramon de Lopez and Augulo in the 1st and 2nd Articles of the letter of 24 December 1800 with which I submit to your lordship the proclamation that was published in this city on 29 November 1800.

In your virtue I entrust your lordship again in your exact observation, and may no permit hinder you unless it is from the King which may seem to be sent in usurpation of the legitimacy particular to the power of the... of obstacle... of the Royal Orders of His Majesty the observance... and the tranquility and peacefulness of the province in that which depends on my providence: trusting to your lordship that in the event of the verification of any introduction of negroes, take the case to court, get permission if it is presented, apprehend the negroes, and bring them back to this Intendancy, and stay informed for more precise observations under the responsibility and penalty established by article 6 of the aforementioned letter from my aforementioned predecessor; please notify me through my government.

May God protect your lordship for many years, New Orleans, 24 May 1802.

Juan Ventura Morales.

[Spanish 4 pages (large format). Legajo 95. Folio 131-132.]