Pointe Coupee Poste - Glenn

Community Teachers and Students



WHEN:         Saturday, October 6th, 2007 |  9:30 a.m. – 4 pm.

WHERE:       Julien Poydras Center |500 W. Main Street | New Roads, LA 

                      Admission is free –reservations assure seating & refreshments

Do you ever wonder about Pointe Coupée’s early beginnings three hundred years ago?  Who were the early people—Natives, Europeans and Africans?  How did the parish settlement begin and where?  What was the geography like back then?   What was the economy? How did they interact with the native people?  What did the first built structures look like? What is the story about the foundations of faith for the parish? How did the unique Creole language begin—spoken today by some community members? What was it like when the colony was first transferred to Spain?

We invite you to experience a look into the remarkable beginnings of Pointe Coupée—the French Colonial Foundations in Pointe Coupée: 1738-1769—at our 2nd annual event on Saturday October 6th.  A unique group of experts, who are also descendants of founding families, will share their knowledge about early Pointe Coupée history.  After the Creole lunch, the afternoon will be devoted to the unique Creole dialect with Dr. Thomas Klingler from Tulane University and other experts sharing the story about how this language began.  You will hear the language spoken with translations by those who still speak the dialect they learned from their elders, and, will also be taught some phrases and greetings.  We encourage audience participation throughout the day.

We will tell the story through map depictions, timelines, and interpretations of primary resource records and censuses. Special guests will enhance the program as they share their knowledge about the early people, built environment, Creole language, and recent 18th century archaeological discoveries in the parish.

This is a great opportunity to hear the story from experts, get answers to questions for your classes, and learn about all the resources available to you.  You will gain more knowledge about the French colonial era of Pointe Coupée.  You will further understand the history of your place—an important part of the vast Louisiana colony, which will help both your language and Louisiana & United States history studies. Perhaps the students can receive extra credit for attending.


Sponsored by Creole West Productions

with Les Creoles de Pointe Coupée and Le Cercle Historique

For further information & reservations, please contact or call 970.988.1890. Complete the web form to assure seating reservations

poste de la Pointe Coupée côte de la fleuve Mississippi 1764     by Glenn C. Morgan