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Found Faces Lost Names

Found Faces, Lost Names

We all may have old photo albums of our elders, full of photographs of people from our past. We may have photo albums that our cousins do not have. In some albums, we may not know who the people are. Maybe our ancestor forgot to write the name down on the back? If we remember that our grandmother, aunt, uncle or grandfather is also a relative to many other people, we know that the people in these photo albums are also related to a number of cousins. Maybe someone has the same photo and can tell us who this is. Or, maybe someone will immediately recognize the person and can give further information about who the person is or was.

In Found Faces, Lost Names is a growing collection of photo images of unidentified photos. We can arrange to share photos for credible information about the person in the photograph. If you see a photo you recognize, or have any information about any of the photos, please Contact Us.


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