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Les Raconteurs

Les Raconteurs

Our rich legacy is complete with the firsthand stories of our les racounteurs, our storytellers, our living links to history. Their voices, letters, journals, testimonies and memoirs fill our souls and minds, bringing history alive to each and everyone of us!

This area is dedicated as an oral history archive for Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana. Here you will find a growing collection from the living links of the parish as they share their stories and experiences about the past and present. We have some great storytellers. Their tales and wisdoms begin below . . .

This collection will include both audio and written transcripts. You will find accounts en Créole, French, Spanish, and English. The stories are about all facets of what makes Pointe Coupée so unique: Culture, Language, Achitecture, Sreet Names, Cuisine, Traditions, Celebrations, Churches, Religious History, Cemeteries, Education, Schools, Recreation, Music, Songs, Geography, Rivers and Bayous, Floods, Military Stories, Politics, Government, Civil Affairs, and, Extraordinary Things About Our People That Are Famous and Not So Famous.

Memoirs Of Lelia Decuir Lejeune

We invite all to participate! Please contact us to make contributions to this priceless archive for preserving the Pointe Coupée legacy for many generations to come.